Deep frying and research!

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Scientists have declared that fatty acids released into the air from cooking may contribute to the formation of clouds that cool the climate.

This is according to the BBC which noted that fatty acid molecules comprise about 10% of fine particulates over London, and such particles help seed clouds.

It noted that researchers dismiss the idea that cooking fats could be used as a geo-engineering tool to reduce warming and stressed that  the research is designed to help reduce uncertainties about the role of cooking fats on climate.

Researchers believe the fatty molecules arrange themselves into complex 3-D structures in atmospheric droplets.

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These aerosols persist for longer than normal and can seed the formation of clouds which experts say can have a cooling effect on the climate.

The authors say the study will shed new light on the long term role of aerosols on temperatures.

Atmospheric aerosols are said to be one of the areas of climate science where there are considerable uncertainties.

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