Dire need for Nigeria to standardise practice in hospitality sector to compete internationally!

A culinary connoisseur, Miss Kelechi Onyeulo, has stressed the need for Nigeria to standardise practice in the hospitality sector  so as to compete globally with other hospitality  stakeholders.

Onyeulo represented Nigeria at  the February 2016 Young Chef Olympiad in India.

She  made the assertion in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos.

The creative arts graduate from Redeemers University, Ogun, who spoke with NAN on her experience at the Olympiad, said that standards in the industry could be achieved with a national food and hospitality policy, stressing that the hospitality industry has huge potential of further developing the economy.

She also noted that Food is not just eating, it is a culture and a means of communication; it is another medium on its own that could boost the country Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Onyeulo, is currently studying at the Culinary Academy, a hospitality consulting, lifestyle, recreational and academic organisation founded by Ms. Tiyan Alile.

The connoisseur said the institute was a platform which gives culinary students the opportunity to learn, teach and network with the best culinary schools worldwide.

While calling on parents to stop discouraging their children from getting interested and involved in culinary business, she stated that Culinary skills and art is an integral part of hospitality that is a worthwhile profession.’’

She said In Nigeria, there is no regulatory body that oversees the food vending business and this makes it a business for everyone; we have many substandard food vendors.


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