Dismiss social media posts targeting company’s product – Malta Guinness:

Popular drinks brand, Malta Guinness, has advised the general public to dismiss misleading viral social media posts targeting the company’s product. 

This is contained in a statement made available on the official Facebook page of the company late Tuesday amid the fake drinks trend on social media.

The statement addressed recently resurfaced social media posts comparing older packaging of Malta Guinness with the current design, alleging the existence of fake versions. 

The company described the viral posts as false and mischievous, clarifying that both versions shown in the viral posts are old packaging that is no longer in circulation.

The company reassured its loyal customers that they could continue to enjoy their favourite Malta Guinness, especially during this holiday season.

The statement reads, “Dear consumers, we urge you and the public to disregard the false and mischievous posts that are resurfacing and recycled on social media targeting your favourite Malt Drink.

These mischievous social media posts which had been debunked years ago are now being recirculated by placing old packaging side by side to make false allegations of fake vs original versions.

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