Dodo and Ewa – FRIED PLANTAIN and BEANS !

Children loves this a great deal! Ask any Nigerian mother!

Recipe for 5 servings

4 cups beans [brown or white]

1 onion [sliced or diced]

2 cooking spoons palm oil

5 big plantains [ripened]

A pinch of potash [optional]

Seasoning and salt to taste

3 red peppers [crushed or blended]


. Make sure the beans are stone – free, wash them and bring to boil for 10 minutes.

. Drain off the water, return to the pot and add fresh water that will cook the food.

A pinch of potash can be added to the boiling pot! Why? [it’s a general belief that potash helps to soften beans, although this is optional].

. One or two slices of onions is a very good and healthy idea! This is because the onions will add a special flavour to the cooking beans!

. While the beans are cooking, add the sliced or diced onions, once this is done, the aroma of the food will change immediately.

. Continue to cook until the beans are very tender.

. Once you know they are tender, add the salt and seasonings to taste including one or two cooking spoon of palm oil.

. Allow to simmer for six minutes before adding other ingredients.

. Cover and simmer until the beans are ready.

. Remove from heat and serve while you quickly fry the plantains.

. Set a frying pan on fire, wash and peel the plantains, cut into sizeable – chunks and fry with the remaining cooking oil.

. Make sure a pinch of salt is added [althogh it is optional].

. Fry until the plantains are golden brown.

. Remove from heat and serve with the delicious protein enriched beans.

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