Domino pizza and criticism

Domino’s Pizza has reportedly dropped a promotion offering free pizza to women named Karen after it was met with a backlash.

In recent years, the name “Karen” has been used as an insult to describe white middle-aged women who are perceived to be obnoxious or racist.

The pizza franchise’s New Zealand arm initially said it wanted to give “nice Karens” a break from negativity.

But some said it was tone-deaf, ignored more important issues, and “rewarded privilege”.

A giveaway, titled “Calling all (nice) Karens” was posted on the pizza chain’s Australian and New Zealand pages.

It asked those named Karen to tell Domino’s in 250 words how they were one of the “nice ones”.

Domino’s chief marketing officer in the region, Allan Collins, while introducing the offer, said “The name ‘Karen’ has become synonymous with anyone who is entitled, selfish and likes to complain, noting that “What used to be a light-hearted meme has become quite the insult to anyone actually named Karen”.

His words “Well, today we’re taking the name Karen back. At Domino’s, we’re all about bringing people together and we want to celebrate all the great Karens out there by shouting them a free pizza!”

The offer was immediately criticised, with many arguing that “Karen negativity” was an issue that affected mostly “privileged white women”.

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