Dry fish vegetable porridge!

This type of porridge is common amongst the South East, South South Nigerians.

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Since fish and other edible sea creatures like snails, periwinkles, crabs, prawns  and so many others are  common phenomenon in the Southern part of Nigeria, the women just take from the marine life around them, especially the dried seafood to prepare a worthy meal for the family.

Recipe for 5 servings:

1 yam tuber (diced)

3 large dry fish (cleaned and washed)

4 red peppers (crushed)

3 tablespoons ground crayfish

1 cup fresh shrimp (deveined)

1 small bunch green vegetables

2 cooking spoons palm oil

Salt and seasoning to taste


  • Wash the diced yam and bring to boil in a sizeable pot.
  • The water level should just cover the root vegetable.
  • Wash and shred the vegetables and set them aside.
  • Add the fish to the pot, add the crayfish, pepper, onion and seasonings.
  • Add the shrimp and cover until the yam is soft. Use a fork to confirm the doneness of the food.
  • Add the palm oil, cover and continue to cook until the yam begins to dissolve and the palm oil has penetrated the yam, giving it a bright yellow colour.
  • Use a wooden stick to thoroughly stir the food.
  • Add the vegetables, do not over cook in order not to destroy the nutrients.
  • Stir with the wooden spoon and check for salt. Almost immediately, remove from heat and serve warm or hot .

Food is ready!

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