Welcome to my world of food and mouth watering delicacies! I believe  you are still in the lovely mood of the new year ! Like I promised, am here to post another soup I guess you can prepare in a very simple way and still eat in a healthy way as well.

For this soup I am travelling to  South Western Yoruba land where EFO RIRO  is a hmmmmn….. sumptuous delight any day.

efo  riro

The first time I tasted this POPULAR Yoruba soup was at a friend’s place- The ponmo, ‘shaki n gbawe’, ’round about,’ fresh shrimp as well as other ‘mede – mede’ meat and fish was the attraction! Ha- ha – ha – ha! If you are a Nigerian reading this post, you ll understand what am trying to say, so your smile or laughter at the mention of these assorted ‘animals’ in the pot is ok by me!

The main ingredient for this soup is the Efo, that is the leaves – this could be shoko, [spinach] tete, gbure [waterleaf] or a mixture of these leaves: There is also the  use of locust beans – iru woro or pete, which are  very nutritious and very good for the eyes.

Well, for me, I cannot stand the smell especially because of  the – not – too pleasant – odour! But my friend however noted that if you want to enjoy efo riro, iru must be the meat of the ‘soup’,

This is because the locust beans smell changes as soon as it enters the pot of soup and a particular special flavour fills the atmosphere as well.

To enjoy Efo riro delight,  the soup must not be watery!


The soup is ideal for everyone especially lactating mothers, pregnant women and growing children. Apart from the nutrients in the vegetables, shrimps and other ingredients, the  rich Vitamin A content of the iru is an added advantage, especially for children  for bright eyes, the aged and those who are deficient of Vitamin A.

Let’s go!



Recipe for 2 servings:

1 big bunch shoko leaf (shredded) or vegetable of your choice

2 cooking spoons palm oil

6 fresh red peppers

10 large fresh tomatoes

1 large onion (chopped)

1 stockfish head (deboned)

3 tablespoons ground crayfish

3 teaspoons ground locust beans ( or the whole seedy type)

Assorted meat and ponmo [shaki,liver, beef etc]

1 cup fresh shrimp [deboned]

2 smoked panla fish

1 smoked titus fish or catfish

Salt and seasoning to taste

 efo riro


Wash and season the meat. Bring to boil and cook until tender. Clean, wash and add the shrimp and  fish. Add the stockfish and cook until a thick stock is produced. Remove from heat and set aside. Combine the tomatoes, pepper and onion and blend into a smooth paste. Fry in hot palm oil for few minutes adding the chopped onions. Add the meat, stockfish and fish. Do not add the stock yet. Add the crayfish, locust beans, salt and seasoning to taste. Add the shredded shoko vegetables and stir. Add the stock, a little at a time. If the water is too much, do not add everything. Simmer for some minutes and serve hot with amala or any other swallow or cooked thickened pap [eko], [agidi], eba, semovita, , iyan, or fufu.  Efo riro can also be served on a hot plate of rice as well!

efo  riro


Hmmn, food is ready! Enjoy your meal and remember to make and stick to your  new  year food resolutions!


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