Egg Sandwich

Eggs are known to be rich in protein. This why any egg sandwich is termed as protein-full fast food.

A sandwich is a portion of food that usually consists of veggies, sliced eggs, cheese or meat.

It is usually placed on or between slices of bread, or any bread related delicacy.

Sandwich used to be seen as a portion of finger food, but it is now a meal, although many people easily relish it as a snack.

An egg sandwich can be boiled, fried, scrambled or poached, but lets make do with the boiled egg.

Every 3rd of November however, marks the National Sandwich Day.

So, while staying at home, and waiting for the pandemic and its effect to fade away, it will be a great idea to prepare this simple homemade snack and fast food for yourself and your family.

Recipe for 5 servings:

2 cans of sardine

5 hard-boiled eggs (deshelled and chopped)

1 purple onions (chopped)

1 strip of parsley [shredded and finely chopped]

1 small bunch of spring onion

10 slices of fresh bread

1 bunch lettuce [finely chopped ]

1/2 cup of stripped green bell pepper

1/2 cup of stripped red bell pepper

½ cup mayonnaise

A dash of pepper


  • Mix all the ingredients – onions, stripped peppers, mayonnaise, chopped eggs, sardine, and the dash of pepper together in a bowl.
  • Mix thoroughly and serve on the bread slices.
  • Cups of warm or cold chocolate or tea would definitely go with these sandwiches.
  • If you prefer any fresh fruit juice, this is equally a lovely accompaniment.
  • It is, however, pertinent to note that this meal is best for breakfast!

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