Instant noodles are often criticised as unhealthy or junk food! But ask most children or youth the food that appeal most to them and you will hear them shout NOODLES!

No matter what negative write ups keep harping about noodles, people all over the world will continue to love and eat noodles!

It is  however pertinent to note that a  single serving of instant noodles is usually high in carbohydrates and fat, but low in fiber, vitamins and minerals. This is according to!

Therefore, the  addition of assorted fresh vegetables like chopped carrots, cabbage, lettuce and the likes of meat, fish, sausage or any food can be used on the finished noodles to make  a more complete meal.

Nigeria as a nation can now boast of so many brands of noodles, mention them! The most popular are mimee noodles, indomie noodles, golden penny and  dangote noodles! To relish noodles as a healthy meal, you can prepare the food as posted below!

Recipe for 3 servings

6 sachets/pack  noodles

1 pack  of Sausage

6  Hard boiled eggs

5 large  Carrots (diced)

1 sizeable Cabbage (diced)

1/2 kilogram of  Gizzard(diced and boiled)

1 kilogram of Chicken breast(shredded and boiled)

2 Garlic cloves [minced]

1 large Ginger [minced or crushed]

5 fresh Tomatoes [sliced]

1 large  Cucumber

1 large  Onion [stripped]

1 can of  Mushroom (shredded)

Seasoning and a pinch of salt to taste

2 Green peppers [diced]

1 Red pepper [diced]

2 tablespoons of Margarine

1 small bunch of Lettuce (for garnishing)


 Boil some  water in a clean pot.

 once it starts boiling, add some  onions to the pot, add the noodles, as well as seasonings to taste. Boil for less than five minutes or until the noodles are set. Strain and set aside.

 Heat up a frying pan.

 Melt  the  margarine into the pan,  add the shredded chicken breast, gizzard, mushroom, carrots, garlic, ginger, salt and seasoning to taste. Stir  and simmer for two minutes.

 Add  the cabbage and simmer for  one minute.

 Add the  previously boiled noodles, stir together and  allow to simmer for  one minute.

 Add the diced green and red peppers,  tomatoes and any other ingredient. Stir and turn off  the heat!

 Serve onto 3 plates, add two eggs each . Remember the lettuce for the garnishing…. it is however OPTIONAL!

Don’t forget to enjoy  the meal with a chilled glass of Zobo!


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