Esusu delicacy!


Asusu or Esusu, this for me means the same thing, although,  I prefer to say ESUSU!

Esusu is a corn meal delicacy that is very common in Abia state.

Any Abiriba or Ohafia man or woman will tell you that this meal is a delight any day.

Asusu or Esusu depending on how you pronounce the word is a combination of maize or corn, fresh or dry pepper and salt, including some seasonings.

The combination is blended into a puree and scooped into small esusu, banana, plantain or moimoi leaves before being steamed over moderate heat.

When  the meal is set, a plate of ugbogoro or ugbooo soup is served alongside the meal. Let’s visit the kitchen and prepare the soup!


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Recipe for 2 servings:

1 bunch pumpkin (ugbo-goro)

2 cups okro (chopped)

1 cooking spoon palm oil

1 large  onion, sliced

3 tablespoons ground crayfish

4 fresh peppers (crushed)

4 pieces smoked fish or any dry fish

1-kilogram assorted meat

1 large stockfish

Salt and seasoning to taste

1 cup of periwinkle  snail [isam]


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*Wash the pumpkin in salted water and shred.

* Set the vegetables aside.

* Cook the meat, fish and stock-fish with salt and seasoning to taste.

* When tender, add the periwinkles,  the palm oil, crayfish, and stir until the mixture is thoroughly mixed.

* Add the peppers and onions before adding the okro and the pumpkin leaves.

* Stir and serve with the corn meal wrapped in leaves, you know what I mean- the  esusu, of course.


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