• gourmetguide234 Abiriba in Abia State is known for Esusu and Ugboooh soup….that is, a mixture of okro and pumpkin or ugu leaves!

Esusu is a corn meal delicacy that is very common in Abia state. ask any Abiriba man or woman and you ll see the way he or she will salivate!

Asusu or Esusu depending on how you pronounce the word,  is a combination of maize or corn, fresh or dry pepper and salt, including some seasonings.

The combination is blended into a puree and scooped into small esusu or moimoi leaves before being steamed over moderate heat.

When  the meal is set, a plate of ugbogoro or ugbooo soup is served alongside the meal. Let’s visit the kitchen and prepare the soup!

Recipe for 3 servings:

1 bunch pumpkin (ugbo-goro)

3 cups okro (chopped)

2 cooking spoons palm oil

1 onion, sliced

3 tablespoons ground crayfish

4 fresh peppers (crushed)

4 pieces mangala fish or any dryfish

1 kilogram assorted meat

1 stockfish

Salt and seasoning to taste

1 cup of periwinkle  snail [isam]


Wash the pumpkin in salted water and shred, set aside and cook the meat, fish and stock-fish with salt and seasoning to taste. When tender, add the periwinkles,  the palm oil, crayfish, and stir until the mixture is thoroughly mixed. Add the peppers and onions before adding the okro and the pumpkin leaves. Stir and serve with the corn meal wrapped in leaves, you know what I mean- esusu, of course.

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