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A pottage made of beans and plantains is loved and relished by Nigerians who love pottage a great deal! Eateries, Bukaterias, Cafeterias, Canteens  and restaurants can testify to this! Oh I almost forgot Nigerian mama-puts!


From North to South, East to West, Nigerians are great beans lovers.


Most times, beans are commonly cooked with yams (Nigerians top producing food crop in the world).


But owing to the fact that plantains are all over the country, mixing the pair together becomes a gourmet delight! You know what! This variation balances the nuttiness of brown beans with the natural sweetness of plantain and palm oil which adds a rich smoky taste to it becomes the melting point for the food.


Recipe for 2 servings

2 cups beans [brown or white]

1 onion [sliced or diced]

1 cooking spoons palm oil

2 big plantains [ripened]

A pinch of potash [optional]

Seasoning and salt to taste

1 red peppers [crushed or blended]


. Make sure the beans are stone – free, wash them and bring to boil for 10 minutes.

. Drain off the water, return to the pot and add fresh water that will cook the food.

A pinch of potash can be added to the boiling pot! Why? [it’s a general belief that potash helps to soften beans, although this is optional].

. One or two slices of onions is a very good and healthy idea! This is because the onions will add a special flavour to the cooking beans!

. While the beans are cooking, add the sliced or diced onions, once this is done, the aroma of the food will change immediately.

. Continue to cook until the beans are very tender.

. Once you know they are tender, add the salt and seasonings to taste including one or two cooking spoon of palm oil.

. Allow to simmer for six minutes before adding other ingredients.

. Cover and simmer until the beans are ready.

. Remove from heat and serve while you quickly fry the plantains.

. Set a frying pan on fire, wash and peel the plantains, cut into sizeable – chunks and fry with the remaining cooking oil.

. Make sure a pinch of salt is added [althogh it is optional].

. Fry until the plantains are golden brown.

. Remove from heat and serve with the delicious protein enriched beans.

Ask Nancy and Lydia about this recipe!

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