Facts about Lobsters

  • Today, lobsters are considered as luxurious delicacy that is often synonymous with fine dining and expensive meals.
  • In ancient times, lobsters were not only highly valued for their delicious taste but instead, they were seen as a source of fertilizer.
  • Lobsters have a rich history.
  • During the colonial period in America, lobstering was known as a common practice.
  • Lobsters used to be considered as foodstuff meant only for the poor.
  • Years back, lobsters were treated with cheapness and disdain.
  • The lobsters were often given as food to prisoners or used as stock for making stews.

Read more -https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/food-news/why-lobster-was-considered-as-a-fertilizer-in-the-past/photostory/100276425.cms

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