Food poisoning in Ugandan school!

27 pupils of King’s Kid Nursery and Primary School in Soroti district, Uganda  were reportedly  rushed to Soroti hospital on Friday over suspected food poisoning.  Reports say they were rushed to hospital after complaints of stomachaches, vomiting, diarrhea and headaches. According to an internet report, two Primary five pupils said  they developed complications after being served their Thursday supper of beans and posho.

James Peter Odeke, the head teacher of the school, explained that the pupils received emergency treatment from the school nurse and were rushed to Soroti hospital when their condition worsened.He has however dismissed  claims of food poisoning, saying the affected pupils could have been suffering from malaria. However, none of the pupils tested positive for malaria according to reports from Soroti hospital.

 One of the nurses who attended to the children says, they suspect food poisoning.

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