Food resolutions

New Year’s Food Resolutions refer to the food resolves you have made to help you become a better person in the brand new year.

These are new decisions and goals you have set to help you achieve something worthwhile in living a healthy and wholesome life.

The Gourmet Guide team went round town to ask different foodies what they intend to do in the new year.

We had so many responses, but we edited these for your delight. They said so many but spend some time to go through the following and decide what your resolutions will be.

  • I resolve to eat healthier in the New Year by choosing healthy and good recipes.
  • Learning to eat less-sugary breakfast will be my priority this period, this is because sugary breakfasts can  cause one to crash later in the day.
  • Eating more protein and fiber enriched breakfast that will help to energize the body is important for me.
  •  I will choose low-fat options this season
  • I will reduce my fat intake and choose health-conscious meals.
  • I will opt for healthier snacks without calorie overload.
  • I will ward off health risks and try and get adequate amounts of calcium into my diet. I am very sure this will help avoid bone-related problems in the course of the year.
  • Eating in small portion sizes will be my priority this year. So, all  I will do is to look for portion-controlled recipes that will help cut calories and still keep me healthy.
  • I  intend to go vegetarian at least once or twice a week and fully embrace veg-friendly recipes every weekend.
  • I  will eat more fish and many other kinds of seafood this year, especially the ones packed with health-boosting Omega-3s – they have been proven to reduce high blood pressure and lower the risk of heart attack. I  will add them to my everyday diet.
  • Indulging in healthier desserts will play a major role for me this year.
  • I will eat seasonally, that the food I find in  season will play a Significant role in my culinary journey this year.
  • Hymn, I intend to play with my food this year – [laughs], it good to have fun in the midst of the seriousness.
  • Teaching my children how to cook simple meals will come tops in my resolve this year. I want them to learn new skills at the same time.
  • I will cook more at – home – food
  • I will try some new recipes and cook with more fresh ingredients.
  • As for me, agriculture will be my priority in the new year. I intend to plant a  vegetable garden in the new year.
  • Definitely, I intend to try some new flavours this year.
  • I want to run away from processed foods, my diet must not have any of them.
  • I want  to eat more organic food, local foods.
  • I wish our country is blest with more farmers market! I would have preferred  to ditch  some of these supermarkets and buy from  the farmers markets!
  • Running away from canned food is going to play a major role in all my decisions this year. Instead, I ll cook them fresh  in my kitchen.
  • I will take less soda and junk food.
  • I eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • I will not eat out.
  • I will make more home – made meals.
  • I will change my eating habits and eat healthy.
  • I want  to take more of fruits and reduce carbonated drinks.
  • My resolve is to take less carbohydrate.
  • I will prefer to take more home cooked meals but I have to take cooking lessons from YouTube.
  • My mom and sister will have to teach me how to cook party jollof rice.
  • I have been trying to keep fit for a number of years now, for me I will like to be on vegetables and fruits.
  • I will want to eat more at home than outside.
  • Being a new year, I intend to eat more vegetables and fruits and avoid junk foods.
  • I want to maintain a balanced diet this very year.
  • I don’t  really have a new year resolution and this is because I have always had a healthy diet and due to the nature of my work I don’t  really have time to make home cooked meals but trust me, I won’t  eat carelessly  this year.
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