Foods That Help Improve Your Oral Health

Image result for healthy teethWhen it comes to the health of your teeth, you really are what you eat. Sugary foods, such as candy and soda, contribute to tooth decay. while some locally produced dishes also contribute to bacteria build on the tongue and between the teeth.

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But not all food is bad for the teeth, there are meals which help improve your oral healt. Here’s a list of 7 foods you can add to your diet to improve your oral hygiene.

  1. FRUITS:
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    While most doctors recommend steering clear of most sweet foods, there are some exceptions. Fruits, such as apples, might be sweet, but they’re also high in fiber and water. The action of eating an apple produces saliva in your mouth, which rinses away bacteria and food particles. The fibrous texture of the fruit also stimulates the gums. the same can be said of pineapples, watermelons   and other fibrous fruits which are usually not too expensive to purchase

  2.   Sweet Potatoes
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    Along with carrots, pumpkin and broccoli, sweet potatoes have high amounts of Vitamin A, which is essential for tooth enamel formation and promotes healing of gum tissue.

  3. TeaImage result for tea drinking black woman\
    Both black and green teas contain compounds called polyphenols, which slow the growth of bacteria associated with cavities and gum disease. They also help with bad breath. Green tea contains catechist that kill the bacteria leading to plaque while preventing gum disease and cavities.

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  4. Dairy Products
    If you want healthy teeth, give yourself the nutrients your teeth and gums need. The calcium in dairy foods will help keep your teeth strong. Cheese contains a protein called casein that helps to protect the surfaces of teeth. In fact, dentists prescribe a paste that contains casein for patients who are having trouble with erosion. When selecting dairy products, be sure to go for low-fat varieties for the good of your overall health
  5. Milk:
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    Fresh milk is one of the healthiest things to add in your daily diet. the nutrients and natural task without the inclusion of sugar makes it  Drinking milk after eating sweets can help protect your teeth and reduce acid levels.

On the flip side food rich in protein and sugar are most often not good for you teeth, so go plan a great diet that will improve your oral care

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