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Many women are very concerned about the size of their boobs and how and what to do to keep them healthy! I n the process of looking for solutions, many resort to surgeries and the use of implants .

But you as a woman, have you ever considered the role your food and diet play in the beauty of your breast? If NOT, FROM TODAY, JUST GO AHEAD AND NOTE THE ROLE OF THE FOLLOWING FOOD IN YOUR BODY!

And you will be surprised to observe that there wont be any need for surgeries, because eating the right food will give birth to a very healthy body and of course firm , fuller and healthy breast !

There are so many food, but lets make do with these ones!

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Honey, milk and eggs

Milk and dairy products  are very good bets . Using dairy products can help stimulate the development of breasts size. These help women gain on weight slowly. Therefore, they can increase the size of breasts. A good combination of eggs and honey with the milk can do wonders as well.

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Avocado is good  to improve the breasts’ size fast and effectively. This because nutritious experts say avocado is rich in lipid which is not saturated and can improve the elasticity of tissues and cells in breasts. In addition, avocado also contains Vitamin A, C, and E.

Vitamin A can stimulate the production of female hormones; vitamin C can helps prevent breasts from the deformation and vitamin E helps increase the size in breasts.

Combination of avocado, honey, almond, or walnuts

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You will see the positive results within a month if you combine avocado, honey, almond, or walnuts. A trial will surely convince  you!


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Oranges which contain vitamin C help to protect the breasts from sagging, they can help prevent the  breasts from the degeneration of cells in the breasts, and even help to effectively avoid the deformation in the breasts.

To get the best results, try and  eat the oranges before and after your meals, and before going to bed at least 30 minutes. You will appreciate the amazing results.


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Women who are pregnant or lactating are usually known for big breasts with maximum size. This is because their mammary glands develop rapidly in order to produce milk.  It is therefore recommended that Papaya and red beans soup be eaten to get a  good and natural breast enhancement. Eating this soup helps stimulate the strong development of fatty tissues and mammary glands of breasts. With these you can be sure enhance the size of breasts significantly.


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Eating ripe grapes will also help the breast to be healthy and full. This is owing to the fact that ripe grapes contain lots of necessary vitamins which are good to help prevent the sagging of breasts. It is also ideal to drink the mixture of ripe grapes and tomatoes juice. Reports say drinking this juice can help improve the size gradually.


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Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D. Both are necessary for health and development of the breasts. Therefore, you should supplement fish for your body by eating fish every day.


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If you want to possess healthy and big breasts, you should also choose and eat foods that contain protein from vegetables. Vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet cabbage  and many others are very  rich in Antioxidants, Vitamin, and Fibers. Vitamin E, C, and A belong to group of efficacious antioxidant vitamins that help evacuate harmful and toxic substances.

Antioxidants and Fibres also play an important role in protecting the body from different types of cancers including breast cancer – common cancer in women. By eating these healthy foods, you can possess  attractive, big, and healthy breasts naturally.

And of course, don’t forget exercises, if you do these  regularly you will have the  ideal breast size and even a great shape.


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