Fruit seller arrested for washing fruits with dirty water

Fruit seller caught in viral video washing mangoes with dirty water has been arrested (video)
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The internet today was hot and sizzling as the video and picture of a Nigerian man, a fruit seller was seen washing fruits with dirty gutter water in Lagos.

This is according to a citizen journalist online report, which urged the citizenry to always rewash every fruit they buy from “abokis”[fruit sellers].

Reports say a particular woman called the attention of people to the dirty act.

As soon as the fruit seller got wind of what was happening around him, he quickly hurried away from the gutter and went to stand in his stall.

The woman also took to her twitter handle and revealed what she saw while driving across the way.

She even shared a video online to verify her claims.

In the video she posted online, some fruit vendors were seen with their wares and a certain young fruit seller was seen bending over a pool of dirty stagnant water in the gutter to wash the mangoes he was selling.

Owing to this, the fruit seller who was caught on camera reportedly washing some mangoes in a pool of dirty water has been arrested.

The mango seller was caught in the act in Agungi area in Lagos.

In a video of his arrest, he was seen pleading with a group of men who forced him into a car.

One of the men was even heard suggesting that the other fruit seller be arrested as well since they could be guilty of the same thing.

But the men decided to go away with only the mango seller who was caught in the act.

Fruit sellers, otherwise known as ‘Mallams’ or simply called ‘Aboki’ have become the face of fruit business especially in Nigeria, the South-Western part of the most populous black nation in the world.

They are often seen with their wheelbarrows, full of fruits and going from one street to another to market and sell them.

Meanwhile, a couple of days ago, a foodie forwarded this below to the GOURMET GUIDE FOOD CHANNEL ON WHATSAPP.

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