Gourmet Guide Cookbook – How to prepare delicious Nigerian delicacies

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Do you want to learn how to prepare some delicious Nigerian delicacies this holiday? Lydia is available. Send her a WhatsApp message on +2348034973455

Are you wondering about the right gift for Christmas, especially as we celebrate the beauty of this yuletide and holiday season? Look around you and place an order to receive the Gourmet Guide Cookbook.

Gourmet Guide Cook Book is still hot, sizzling and available

Food Journalism cannot be said to be complete without a simple Cook Book, that can easily guide foodies in the choice of the right food.

As a Food Journalist and a Culinary Consultant who lives in Nigeria, I have seen assorted Nigerian food and drinks I am thrilled, in fact, I will say I am overwhelmed by the assorted recipes and mouth-watering delicacies that Nigeria can boast of. And this is not just in one or two States but across the 36 States of the country, this great nation, known as the most populous black nation in the world.

This cookbook will tell you the ideal Nigerian story and promote the Nigerian culture through food and drinks! Check it out.

This becomes pertinent, you know why? Simply because of so many recipes. that are available at your beck and call as you look through and read through this cookbook.

Nigeria is a blest country when it comes to all kinds of delicacies and this book has over 15 delicious DIY[DO -IT-YOURSELF] and how – to – make -it – yourself, simple Nigerian, healthy, immune-boosting and delicious recipes.

The ingredients are easily reachable and accessible. So, go ahead and book your copy by sending a WhatsApp message to +2348034973455 or you can buy by from Amazon.

Take a look at some of the content.

May be an image of food and text that says 'SOUP EFO RIRO [SPINACH SOUP] EDIKAIKONG SOUP Recipe for 4 servings: bunches ugu water chopped) 4tablespoons crayfish (bokoto) Recipe for servings shoko (ed) cooking palm large stockfish large taste (deboned) ground he egetables with (optional) 2smoked panla smoked cook the taste season meat. water onions, pressure thick ender. leaves irand onion swallow w” pounded soup ichi suitable diabetics. locust beans, and PAGE OL.0 GG vegetables and little much, notadd everything and with eko,'
May be an image of food and text that says 'SOUP OKRO SOUP [ILA ASEPO] Recipe for servings: okro grated) pepper (blended) crayfish kilogramshaki 1kilogram beef 2smoked seasoning taste cooking spoon palm Method: Add cook he meat tender. kro lighter seasoning and eba, semovita Recipe for servings: (squeezed and washed) OKRO AND BITTER LEAF SOUP crayfish (slic) seasoning taste Method: Boilth meat and onion, adding the tender thawed. the PAGE stock, producing reddish, 2018 GG COOK BOOK andfive minutes. Add minu the likes not bad idea.'
May be an image of text that says 'Banga Soup Recipe for servings combinationo beef, okpof SOUP [efirin, nchuawun] seasoning taste [pieced] [ground [optional] Method with ola bring onion quite bring pour between twenty five remove pestle syrup. doing watery. not stock minutes allow watery the Groundnut groups Mainly northern last. includin stock Many however taste. relations, hausasa zarma, with yorua gwari come what choice. definitely dishes. leaves, known added, Usually, swallow. peanuts, serve miyan even starch.GROUNDNUT SOUP Well, plate "daddawa hausas Ûocus groundnut endless, great COOK'
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