I Love Nigerian Food! Gourmet Guide Food Gallery 2017!

 Happy New Year Everyone!

I welcome you to another exciting season of lovely food stories  and pictures on this food platform!

Here  are some exciting food pictures that were sent to the gourmet guide food channel on whatsapp, gormet guide face book page, goggle plus,  as well other social media platforms!

Enjoy your meal!

…veggie salad!

…beans and fried plantain!

…boiled plantain and scrambled eggs!

fried rice, macaroni and fried plantain!



…rice and stew garnished with veggies!

…african salad!

…in Nigeria, roasted corn can go with coconut or freshly boiled corn can go with UBE African Pear!

…fried rice and grilled chicken!

…made in Nigeria garri ijebu!

…made in Nigeria beans and ijebu garri!

…beans porridge! proudly Nigerian!

Made in Nigeria …jollof rice!

watch for more!

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