jollof rice
jollof rice

The piercing sounds of the fireworks and the loud shootings of the bangers cannot be ignored as the shouts of a brand new year ushers in 2016. I welcome you to a great year of glorious expectations!

As we bask in the glory of the New Year, it is however necessary to set and strictly adhere to some new year resolutions. I mean food resolutions that will produce a better you and me! These resolutions are meant to be simple every- day – dos -and- dont’s that will lead to a better healthy life.
These resolves are meant to help us be better in all ramifications of life.
I am sure you are saying “Yes, Lydia, you are right, I need to set new food goals and make new resolves for this new year 2016, so I can get better achievements than that of last year.”But “Honestly I don’t know how to go about it.”
Hmmn… Not to worry …. Below are lists of some food resolutions that some of our regular listeners and contributors on GOURMET GUIDE WITH LYDIA ON RADIO UNILAG 103.1FM posited and shared on the first edition of the food programme last year, as well this year. I believe we can still apply them to 2016!
Well as you read through this posting, if you have not made any food resolution for this new year 2016, quickly sit down and map out something worthwhile, religiously stick to the resolution[s] and you ll be glad in the course of the year!
The names of the contributors  include:
Bola from Ejigbo
Agbo Genesis from Akoka
Ishola Olafari from Fadeyi
Adekanbi Aina from Idi oro
Daniel from Gbagada
Esther from Bariga
Sunday from O yingbo
Tosin from Oworo
Idowu Oderinde from Unilag
Bakare from Fadeyi
Rafael from Unilag
Adegboyega from Lagos Island
As you read through these excerpts, do some deep thinking and make your resolves as well. Do me favour by dropping your comments as well on this post!
I promise to read out your comments on the food and nutrition programme GOURMET GUIDE on RADIO UNILAG 103.1FM on Friday between 4pm and 5pm. See you then!
. I have decided that this year 2016, I ll cut down on chicken and take more of fish, vegetables and water.
. Hmmn, as much as possible I really need to reduce, avoid or stop taking fried food…. This year I will prefer to do more of steaming, boiling and other healthy methods.
. For me, I have resolved to take more water to aid my health.
. Well, I have made up my made to stop eating late.
. As for me, I must cut down on heavy meals this year 2016.
. Well I want to eat as early as possible and also eat at the right time.
. This year, I want to stop buying road side food. In fact, I have mapped out some money to this effect, I will buy foodstuffs from the market and prepare my food all by myself.
cole slaw salad
. For me, eating out is highly prohibited this year!
. Every morning, when I wake up, the first thing I will do is to drink water to flush out unnecessary toxins from my system.
. In addition to all these assertions by our radio audience, make this year a memorable one by doing the right at the right time and eating the right food at the right time.
God bless us all, happy new year!
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