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My first encounter with Okpa Wawa was over two decades ago, precisely November 1998. I had travelled all the way from Lagos to Nsukka, Enugu State to see my paternal uncle, who was living close to the University of Nigeria Nsukka.

I needed to write some examinations and get admitted into the prestigious Federal University, UNN.

Living with my uncle and his family for one month, I observed that every morning, the children will heartily eat this wrapped proteinous delicacy and sometimes, they relish with pap[Akamu].

I was not interested in tasting the delicacy until one day when my uncle’s wife persuaded me taste the yellow coloured food, which some people also eat as snacks.

But as soon as I tasted this protein-enriched food, I fell in love with it.

Okpa is a traditional Nigerian food; that is very popular in the many States of South-Eastern Nigeria.

This tasty, yummy food is made with Bambara flour(Vorandzeia subterranean (L.) Thouars).

Bambara nut (Vorandzeia subterranean (L.) Thouars) plant is leguminous and has various nitrogen fixing nodules on the root.

Reports say based on the root nodules, the plant supports land care provision in Africa (Okonkwo and Opara, 2010).

The quest for plant with nutritional properties continues to receive attention. Bambara nut which constitutes complete food stuff is reported to contain protein, carbohydrate and lipid and can be consumed at different sj8yik999999999999999999999999999
The flour can be made from scratch by grinding dried Bambara nut/beans.

The taste cannot be compared to anything I’ve ever eaten (it has a unique taste that grows on you).
My granny always prepared this yummy delicacy whenever my siblings and I visited(miss you granny ❤ ).
It is also called the Lion’s food OR the kings meal by the Igbos (in eastern Nigeria).
Well, I don’t know how they came about those names but Okpa is simply tasty and delicious ☺ .

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