Hot chocolate serving ‘has more salt?

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A campaign group,  Consensus Action on Salt and Health  has declared that  a mug of hot chocolate can have more salt than a packet of ready salted crisps.

This is according to the BBC which revealed that Consensus Action on Salt and Health found salt targets were exceeded in all but one category of packaged food.

According  to Galaxy Ultimate Marshmallow Hot Chocolate powder had just over 0.6g of salt per 25g serving – or 2.5g per 100g – more than the 0.15g per 100g target.

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Mars Chocolate said the drink was an “indulgent treat” but Public Health England said more work was needed.

The confectionery company said some of the salt came from the intrinsic sodium in milk and other ingredients and some was added “to enhance the chocolaty flavour”.

She said the company continually worked to improve products’ nutritional profile.

Read more @BBC.CO.UK

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