Indian farmers protest

Indian Farmers: Importance of Farmers to The Nation

Indian farmers have said they are ending a year of mass protests a week after the government agreed to abandon controversial agricultural reforms.

Thousands of farmers had camped at the borders of the capital, Delhi, with dozens dying from heat, cold and Covid.

They will begin returning to their homes from Saturday and the movement has been described as one of the biggest challenges for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government.

The farmer groups took the decision after ministers agreed to discuss their other demands, including guaranteed prices for produce and a withdrawal of criminal cases against protesting farmers.

They will however hold a review meeting on 15 January, 2022.

If the government doesn’t fulfil its promises, they have threatened to resume the protest,.

The farmers were protesting against the government’s introduction of three laws that loosened rules around the sale, pricing, and storage of farm produce – rules which have protected them from the free market for decades.

Farm unions said these laws would leave farmers vulnerable to big companies and destroy their livelihoods.

A bill to cancel the reforms was officially passed in parliament on 30 

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