Indomie Flavour Development Manager Dies at 59

The woman, Nunuk Nuraini, behind instant noodle giant Indomie’s iconic “mi goreng” flavour recently passed away at the age of 59.

Tributes poured out for Nuraini, who worked as a flavour development manager at the cult favourite Indonesian brand for nearly 30 years.

Many thanked her for her “legacy” while calling her a “non-cape wearing hero”.

Indomie has become almost synonymous with instant noodles in Indonesia, and many parts of the world where many grew up eating the popular brand.

It has also in recent years become a global hit, finding popularity not just across South East Asia but also Australia and Nigeria, as well as other parts of Africa.

Reports however say that even though the brand now offers dozens of flavours, its “mi goreng” or fried noodle flavour, has consistently remained its most popular.

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