Kaduna Governor To Begin “Free Meal” Campaign In Schools

Several politicians made the promise of free meals in the recently concluded elections, but  Governor Nasir El Rufai of Kaduna state has said his government will begin the process within months.

Speaking at a conference meeting with his ministers, Governor El Rufai said his state will use the recuperated finances from acquired in the central account system imposed by the federal government to fund this project.

“we are embarking on a free lunch programme for the one million pupils in our primary schools and that will cost N9 billion to cover one million children in one year. The state House of Assembly has already appropriated N1 billion for that. But the free lunch will start from next term. Women were involved in selling food to these pupils will be first considered to partake in the exercise. By this, we are also creating jobs and reducing poverty.

“Today, only N11 Naira is used to feed each boarding school student in this state per meal, which is unacceptable. We have resolved to raise it by 500%. Each student will now be fed on N66 per meal to mean that we shall spend N200 million per term or N600 million per year. That will cover our 273,000 boarding students.

The feeding project is one of many that Governor El Rufai intends to initiate in all schools within Kaduna, as he also stated the educational process would be upgraded as well as to make schooling free for all pupils.




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