Kunu Aya!

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Kunu – aya is a tiger – nut nutritious drink that is relished in Nigeria and some other parts of the world!

 Hmmn, I discovered that combining tiger-nut, coconut and debino, oh I beg your pardon, I  mean (dates),  will producer a sweet irresistible drink known as KUNU-AYA…

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This drink is just exceptional and highly nutritious as well as very easy to prepare.

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Recipe for 3 servings!

4 cups tigernuts [fresh or dry]

1 large coconut [diced or shredded]

2 cups dates [fresh or dry]

Honey to taste

* wash and Soak the Debino(dates) till soft.
* wash and slice, shred or dice  the coconut.

*wash the tiger-nuts

*pour everything into a blender, add and blend into a puree.

*pour into a large bowl, sieve into a clean jar or pitcher.

*add honey to taste and serve chilled into smaller glasses!
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