Lassa Fever is still trending in Nigeria!

Hello everyone, welcome to my world! LASSA FEVER is still a trending topic in Nigeria and the need to abstain from Garri remains an issue. This is because many Nigerians love smoking , oh  I mean drinking garri a great deal.
Actually, some people see this cry and hue about not drinking garri as another PALAVA OR WAHALA!
If you are one of such, you need not worry, just do the following and enjoy your drinking or smoking!’  I choose to showcase this as a wise way to relish the drinking of  Garri without being infected by Lassa fever!

1. Pour  the garri into a dry frying pan.

2. Place it on the fire and allow it to fry for at least 10 minutes so that the heat would have  destroyed any element of the Lassa virus[ that’s incase the garri is infected].

3. Pour the garri out on a wide tray  and allow  to get cold.
4. Pour the garri into a sizeable plate and add the likes of sugar, salt, glucose, honey, milk, groundnut, or any other addictive you like or lay your hands on!

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