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Nigeria is the most populous black country in the entire world.

It is a country that is blest with many entrepreneurs.

A couple of days back, I spoke with this young entrepreneur who has chosen to use our everyday wheat to produce a simple, nutritious, healthy and delicious wheatmeal.

This wheatmeal is known as “Mama joe delicious wheat meal food”.

This wheatmeal is reportedly made ready in less than 20 seconds and it can be served with any Nigerian African soup.

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According to the Manager of the Organisation, Ifeanyi, “This meal is made from a 100% wheat grain. It is a product of Joesam pearl Nigeria Limited.

While speaking with, he stressed that the unique selling point of the product is the fact that the wheat flour can be made in 20 seconds and one may not necessarily cook it on fire.

His words “It is made like our everyday eba and this helps in reducing kitchen time and equally helps in reducing the stress of cooking.

According to him, the product has so many health benefits.

Health benefits

  • It is a good meal for growing children.
  • It promotes gastronomy health in women.
  • It can help to control obesity, especially in women.
  • It prevents types 2 diabetes.
  • Eating this product will equally help protect against heart diseases.
  • It reduces the risk of breast cancer.
  • It prevents childhood asthma, amongst others.
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