McDonald to sell fully vegan meals in UK

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McDonald’s is to join a growing list of fast-food restaurants selling fully vegan meals in the UK.

McDonald’s said it’s Veggie Dippers meal – including vegan nuggets served with chips and a soft drink – will launch in the UK on January 2, 2020.

This follows the likes of KFC and Greggs in introducing vegan options.

Animal rights activists Peta said a vegan meal was “the very definition of a happy meal”.

However, it said it would continue to campaign for McDonald’s to bring its McVegan burger, which is available in Finland and Sweden, to the UK.

McDonald’s new dippers are made of rice, red peppers, tomato pesto and split peas, fried in breadcrumbs.

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The product will be fried separately from products containing meat.

A spokesman declared this and noted that people would be served with McDonald’s UK chips, which are vegan-friendly.

This move comes as restaurants are capitalizing on increasing demand from UK customers for vegetarian and vegan food options.

McDonald’s said in the last 12 months it had seen an “80% uplift” in customers ordering vegetarian options.

The firm is said to be the latest fast-food chain to offer vegan products.

Image result for mc donald and vegan food
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