Meat consumers in Abuja cry out against deplorable state of Abattoir!

Meat consumers in Kuje Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria  have raised alarm over the deplorable state of infrastructure and unhealthy operational environment of the council’s abattoir.

Some of the consumers who spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Kuje faulted the reliance of the abattoir on stream water for the washing of meat before conveying to market.

They stressed that the use of stream water and car tyres for roasting meat for human consumption was very unhealthy, revealing that the state of the abattoir was not healthy especially as  there were no water to wash the slabs after use. The consumers maintained that it was not healthy to use  stream water to wash meat for human consumption because the water is flowing from places where it must have been messed up.

They are of the opinion that people defecate and throw all manner of things inside the water before getting to where it is being used to wash meat for human consumption.

They have therefore called on relevant authorities, particularly Kuje Area Council administration to restore water supply to the abattoir by repairing the borehole that was originally servicing the abattoir.

A particular  meat consumer, faulted the use of motorcycles to convey meat from the abattoir to the market, attributing this to the deplorable state of the road linking the abattoir.

She noted that if the road is fixed, the abattoir operators will certainly resort to use of vans to convey meat to the market, stressing  that it was not healthy conveying meat to the market with motorcycles because on several occasion,  some of the meat were seen falling off on the road . The woman lamented that the annoying part  was the fact that the same meat would be carried to the market and consumers are usually  forced to buy because they have no option.

The consumer wants government to help in the rehabilitation of the road so as to encourage consumers to patronise the abattoir directly without having to wait for the meat to get to the market.


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