A beautiful pot of Egusi soup! [proudly Nigerian]
A beautiful pot of Egusi soup! [proudly Nigerian]
Recipe for 4 servings

2  smoked catfish

1 kilogram lean beef

3 bunches waterleaves[washed, shredded]

2 bunches ugu leaves [washed, shredded]

2 small stockfish

3 cups egusi [ground]

2 tablespoons ground crayfish

1 onion [shredded]

4 red pepper [ground]


Wash, salt, season, and cook the beef, stockfish and fish until the meat is quite tender. Continue the boiling and add the palm oil, crayfish, pepper and the onions, boil for another three minutes. Stir and add the ground egusi, cover and simmer for two minutes, before adding the shredded waterleaves and ugu leaves. Stir thoroughly and simmer for two minutes. Remove from heat and serve alongside  hot iyan, that is pounded yam.


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