National Food Strategy as released by Henry Dimbleby…Looks at tax on sugar and salt

Salt and sugar tax: New tax on salt and sugar proposed - but are you  addicted? |

Taking a swipe at sugar and salt will always cause a stir and be a big issue. So, when I saw this on, I decided to post it here…

Dimbleby argues for taxes on sugar and salt, for shifts in our agricultural land use, and for a billion pounds of spending to drive innovation in food production. It’s not just about food. It’s about reshaping our waistlines, high streets, and the countryside.

A year and half of Covid-induced time spent at home has begun to make some of Henry Dimbleby’s argument for him. Britons have shifted to cooking more from scratch, some of us have even got into the habit of more regular exercise. 

These shifts will lead some to argue that the measures Dimbleby proposes aren’t necessary.

But despite some steps in the right direction we’d better take Dimbleby seriously: we still live in a country where 60 per cent of adults are overweight or obese, there is a decade gap in life expectancy between the most and least affluent people, and current trajectories suggest our grandchildren might not have a safe planet to live on.


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