Nigerian soups for Christmas

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Christmas is a few days away and the much ado about the closed Nigerian borders has generated so much heated arguments around and about RICE, that sometimes, one would wonder if rice is the only staple that Nigerians are known for.

There are much known and unknown food that Nigeria is blest with.

Nigeria as the most populous black nation on earth cannot exhaust all its mouth-watering delicacies, they are innumerable.

However, while writing this cookbook, I decided to focus on soups alone.

In other editions, we will definitely zero in on all other Nigerian delicacies.

So, in the spirit of this Christmas, if you are one of those who want and desire that RICE should step aside to allow alternatives, then go ahead and explore with this book.

You can learn the simple methods of preparing the likes of Egusi, Nigerian Unity Soup, okro, assorted vegetables and many more.

To get a copy of this cookbook, send an sms or whatsapp message to 08034873455.

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