Nine year old Nigerian develops Food Website!

A nine year old pupil of Fortune Schools in Benin, Edo State, Miss Emmanuella Oziofu, has designed a website called Food Website.

The website is set to be  launched in February.

Oziofu, who is currently studying web design at Complete Computer Technology Centre in Benin, said her target was to become a professional web designer and analyst at age nine and has accomplished it.

She made this known at her ninth birthday celebration where she explained that “The website, known as Food website is to encourage both parents and children to eat healthy local and international dishes and to cut down on junk food.

Some  of the contents of the website is Goodbye Junk Food, Hello Super Healthy Food, which contains African dishes, continental dishes and a list of restaurants in different cities in the world.

The website has a form for customers’ feedback.

Image result for A nine year old pupil of Fortune Schools in Benin, Edo State, Miss Emmanuella Oziofu, has designed a website called Food Website.

She noted that she was working on the food order, delivery content and a mobile app that would be available on Google Play Store.

Reports say at age seven, she  enrolled at Mikon Institute of Information Technology where she  graduated with a certificate in Basic Training, with this she  specialised in Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point.

She  also has  a certificate in Desktop Publishing, Advance Power Point, Advance Excel, Corel Draw and Adobe Page Maker.

On her driving force, Ozoifu said “hard work and support from my parents helped me achieve the feat and I am encouraging children to embrace ICT as a tool for national development. I want to be a gynaecologist in future and I believe my knowledge of ICT will enable me practice my profession better, make me more innovative and render quality health care service.”

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The young ICT expert said she intends to teach children about ICT, expand her knowledge and break records before she turns 14.

Emmanuella’s instructor, Mr Nelson Osamudiamen described the pupil’s love for ICT as incredible and said Emmanuella is ever ready to learn.

He revealed that Emmanuella has learnt how to design a website and he  looked forward to teaching her Java and other related programmes so that she can also be a website developer.

Osamudiamen however  urged parents and the Federal Government to create an enabling environment for children at very young age to learn ICT, stressing that Children in countries like China are doing very well when it comes to ICT.

He believes Nigerian children are smart and can also do well in ICT, but the government should create a good ICT infrastructure in schools and the enabling environment for children to learn the course.”

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