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Researchers in the Highlands of Scotland are giving farmed salmon feed made from genetically modified crops.

The aim of the scientific trial is to increase the nutritional value of the fish. The feed is said to be  rich in healthy fish oils, which the team hope will be absorbed by the salmon.

Critics have however argued  that GM technology is “propping up” an unsustainable system of industrial food production.

Tests have shown that levels of an oil called omega-3 have decreased by half in farmed salmon in the past 10 years. It is what makes the fish so healthy. The oil is thought to be involved in brain development and reduces the risk of heart disease, arthritis and diabetes.

Even at current levels, farmed salmon is still a rich source of omega-3 – but levels are continuing to fall. The salmon get their omega-3 from eating other oily fish, such as anchovies, that have been ground up and added to pellets that are sprayed into their pens.

But there’s a limited supply of anchovies and a growing demand for the salmon. So that means that all across the world there’s less oily fish to go round to make food for salmon.

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