Ofuloju is a Yoruba native food made from beans.

Some call it ekuru. and it looks so much like the popular bean cake called moin-moin; but slight differences distinguish ofuloju from moin-moin; unlike moin-moin where all ingredients like pepper, salt, fish, oil, etc are directly added to be blended with the washed beans and/or added while stirring the blended beans, ofuloju doesn’t require any ingredient asides the beans and water.

Ofuloju being a food made from beans is nutritious in protein. Ofuloju is known to be eaten with eko (pap), in fact they are often referred to as friends (in Yoruba parlance: Ofuloju ore eko).

Recipe for 4 servings


Pepper (more of rodo)


Locust beans

Salt and seasoning for taste

Diced goat/cow skin

Crayfish and stock fish

Cow intestines

Red oil




  • Put your beans in a bowl (the size must be spacious enough) for washing.
  • Wash the beans like you do for moin-moin.
  • After washing, soak the beans in water for a while (5-10 minutes).
  • Note that the soaking is not really needed, but it aids the blending.
  • Blend the beans, add little or no water when blending.
  • After blending, turn continuously in one direction until the mixture becomes fluffy.
  • NOTE: Do not add salt or pepper before or after blending the beans.
  • Put the fluffy mixture in bit into the leaves to make a wrap (or use nylon).
  • If using leaves, the stems of the leaves and few leaves should be put into a pot that contains little water.
  • With appropriate water in the pot arrange the portioned mixture into the pot
  • Cook or steam until set, this should be for 25-30 minutes.
  • The  ofuloju is ready!

Special thanks to Remi  Ibikunle, a UNILAG 300 Level student of Mass Communication for packaging this lovely recipe!

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