Peanuts and allergy!

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A study has discovered that oral treatment for peanut allergy is still effective four years after it was administered.

Children were reportedly given a probiotic, with a peanut protein, daily for 18 months. When tested one month later, 80 percent was said to be able to tolerate peanuts without any allergic symptoms.

After four years, 70 percent of them were still able to eat peanuts without suffering any side-effects.

Food allergies have risen dramatically in recent decades, with peanut allergy one of the most deadly.

Lead researcher Professor Mimi Tang, of Murdoch Childrens Research Institute in Melbourne, said half the children were consuming peanuts regularly while others were only eating them infrequently.

She noted that the importance of the discovery  is that these children were able to eat peanuts like children who don’t have peanut allergy and still maintain their tolerant state, protected against reactions to peanuts.

Tang however  said it was the first time a treatment for peanut allergy had been shown to be effective for a long.

The probiotic used is called Lactobacillus rhamnosus, which has been associated with preventing certain allergic symptoms.

When it is safe to eat peanuts!

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  • There is often confusion about when peanuts are safe as the guidelines used to advocate avoidance
  • Peanuts are now thought to be safe in pregnancy
  • If there is no family history of allergies or eczema then health officials say peanut butter and other ground or crushed nuts are okay after six months
  • If there is a heightened risk then parents should consult a doctor
  • This research suggests careful introduction of peanut may help such children, but parents should not do this on their own
  • No child under five should eat a whole nut.

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