Potato Sold for Over $1,000,000

Some days ago, I posted a BBC food story on potato!

Today again, I came across another interesting potato story!


The photo, titled “Potato #345 (2010),” is by the photographer Kevin Abosch who is known for charging  huge fees to shoot portraits of famous business people in the Silicon Valley tech industry.

In addition to shooting pricey portraits, Abosch is also a fine art photographer, and that’s how the potato photo came about.

He is said to like potatoes because this staple root vegetables, like people are all different yet immediately identifiable as being essentially of the same species.

Reports say he has photographed many potatoes , however, this one is  said to be one of his favorites.”

What reportedly necessitated the sale of the potato was when a wealthy buyer who collects Abosch’s work visited the photographer’s Paris home in 2015  last year! . The photo — a 162x162cm print mounted on dibond was seen hanging on the wall.

As he  inquired about purchasing it for their collection, he was told the price was non-negotiable: €1,000,000, or about $1,083,450 with today’s exchange rate.

Surprisingly, the buyer agreed to the price and purchased the photo, making it the photographer’s largest sale of a single image to date.

Well, this is the power of money

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