Prasadam food poisoning at Indian annual temple fair

Welcome to Belagavi, Karnataka, India – the home of prasadam

At least 46 individuals have reportedly fallen ill due to suspected food poisoning at an annual temple fair in a local village.

Attendees consuming prasadam, customary vegetarian offerings served during religious events, began reporting symptoms including nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea


Eight individuals were hospitalized, but reports say they are responding well to treatment, suggesting a minor case of food poisoning.

The source is under investigation, with food served at the event and contaminated water both being examined.

This incident follows another case of food poisoning in Karnataka last week.

A cricket fan, Chaitanya, collapsed during an Indian Premier League match in Bengaluru after eating stadium food.

Chaitanya has however filed a complaint alleging stale food from the stadium caused his illness.

These events highlight the importance of stringent food safety measures, especially during large gatherings.

Proper preparation, storage, and serving of food are essential to prevent such outbreaks.

Experts have equally emphasized the need for vigilance in maintaining food safety protocols to safeguard public health.

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