Protein in Nigeria

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) recommended minimum per capita daily protein intake is 53.8g, with global daily intake at 64g. 

However, in Nigeria, 45 percent of Nigerians are protein deficient as they lack access to sufficient protein and thus do not consume the daily recommended grammage.

The daily protein intake is 45.4g as against 53.8g, the Nigerian Protein Deficiency Report 2020 showed.

Country representative, USSEC, Dr. Michael David, at a media roundtable in Lagos, revealed that the ‘Right to Protein campaign’ aims to foster behavioural change among individuals by spreading nutritional awareness about the need for adequate protein consumption for better nutrition and improved public health. 

As a stakeholder, the country representative averred that USSEC remained passionate about healthy and productive living hence its desire to be part of this awareness drive about the importance of protein to sound health and productive living while also promoting access to quality protein sources for Nigerians.

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