Putting a positive spin on ‘processed’

The search for nutrient-dense foods to feed a growing global population is said to be at full throttle.

A consensus view holds that better use must be made of what grows on land and in water and taking better care of the planet is necessary.

The sentiment is fueling innovation in the plant-based ingredients sector, with a focus on protein extraction and turning side streams into food for humans.

Innovators in the space are focusing on the use of minimally processed fruits and vegetables, fungi and algae.

With this perspective has emerged as a view that ingredients and finished and beverage products must be as close to “direct from Mother Nature” as possible because the phrase “processed food” attracts ever greater negative media attention.

The trend is expected to intensify in 2024, according to the Chicago-based market researcher Mintel International. The challenge is some form of processing is necessary to turn plants into edible ingredients and finished products.

Read more – https://www.foodbusinessnews.net/articles/25411-putting-a-positive-spin-on-processed

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