Roasted [grilled] corn, coconut & pear

Roasted corn is also referred to as grilled corn in many parts of the world, but come to Nigeria, and understand that this popular street snack can also be enjoyed as a well-known street food.

This is because if you eat as much as possible, it can be filling and be taken as food.

The same roasted corn becomes your grilled corn when you use your grill, your oven and microwave to get the golden brown colour that will set your colour apart for munching.

Although we simply say roasted corn – the yoruba will say agbado, the ibo will say oka, while the hausa will say masara. And of course, other ethnic groups have their names as well.

Welcome to gourmetguide234 kitchen, where we use food journalism to tell the Nigerian food story to a global audience,

Since many Nigerians love to relish ROASTED CORN, it is pertinent to note that it is a food culture to relish roasted corn or maize in the most populous black nation.

To make this a complete delicacy, our roasted corn usually will be accompanied by fresh coconuts and African pear, which we call Ube, Yes Ube is African Pear.

You can eat coconut or ube with your roasted corn and you can choose to use both alongside the corn.

This  people’s favourite filling snack especially here in Nigeria is already being sold everywhere.

Corn sellers are all over the place, boiling or roasting the popular food over charcoal embers on street corners, beckoning at passers-by to come and a bite! For you at home, you can use your oven to get the fresh corn roasted or grilled into that golden brown colour. So take a bite of this MOUTH ORGAN …


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