Scarcity of tomatoes in Nigeria

Some Nigerian housewives in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja have lamented the high price of tomatoes in the markets.

They say they have ditched tomatoes for their stews and other sauces as the prices have soared above the skies.

Many of the women, not only in Abuja but across cities in Nigeria say the biting price of selling two or three seeds of tomatoes for 500 naira remains a heavy unbearable burden for their families.

Many women have now resorted to using garden eggs also known as aubergines or eggplants and carrots in their stews.

These combinations, according to the women can blend very well with rice in the same manner as tomatoes.

Others say they are now exploring pumpkin, pawpaw, or traditional soups like white soup and palm fruit soup popularly called banga soup in place of tomato stew.

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