Shoprite In Nigeria Is 10 Years Old!

Ten years ago, Shoprite, a notable retail outlet in South Africa, found a space to do business in Nigeria. Its  first outlet  was in Lekki, Lagos. I remember that in December 2005 when it started, myself and some members of my family usually go all the way to Lekki every Sunday to check out what was on sale.

The attraction was of course the prices of stuffs like chicken, sausage, fresh fruits and vegetables as well as lovely attractive assorted food and bread, which were quite lower and affordable!

Like yesterday, yesterday has produced 10 years of transaction and service in this most populous black nation in Africa.

Over the past decade Shoprite,  I can authoritatively say that Shoprite has introduced Nigeria to a world-class shopping experience through its core business promise of lower prices and one – stop – buying – experience!

The Retail giant has today spread to other parts of the country with Lagos State alone now playing host to five branches and bringing to a total of 13 stores spread across  the nation.

As they continue to expand to other parts of  the country, this retail market  is regarded as the place to shop in Lagos and in Nigeria.

Nigeria as the largest economy in Africa reportedly has 16 Shoprite supermarkets across eight states in the Federation of the supermarket chain with 2,300 employees.

Well, the reports says about 99.5% of the employees are Nigerian citizens. Its commitment to supporting local enterprise means it has led to the development of relationships with over 300 leading Nigerian suppliers and small businesses. As a result 76% of all products sold are procured locally.

Deloitte’s inaugural African Powers of Retailing report, released late last year 2015,  has however named Shoprite the number one retailer on the continent.

Shoprite holdings is the largest fast moving consumer goods (FCMG) retail platform operation on the African continent with operations in 15 countries.

Shoprite has a very simple philosophy which is to provide all communities in Africa with food and household items in a first-world shopping environment, at the Group’s lowest possible prices.

What do they have in stock? So much!  From their well packaged quality meat to  fresh loaves of bread, baked treats, assorted wine, chocolates, cooked food amongst others, infact the list is endless!


Shoprite’s winning philosophy is to offer customers a convenient shopping experience in clean stores where customers can be sure to pay their lowest prices on their basic food and household requirements.

The chain which has become a household name in most Nigerian Urban Centres has made shopping easier for Nigerians.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the South African retail chain is therefore giving away more than 10,000 gift vouchers worth up to N100, 000 between 22 February and 10 April this year 2016.

The point-of-sale at Shoprite’s till points will randomly select winners during this period. Consumers will automatically be entered into the competition when shopping at Shoprite, with vouchers to the value of ₦10000, ₦100000 or ₦100 000 up for grabs.

The statement quoted the Executive Director, Shoprite Nigeria, Mr. Adeola Kagho, as saying that the points-of-sale at Shoprite would randomly select winners during this period.

 “We are very excited to celebrate ten years in Nigeria with our loyal customers who have been with us over the years.   That’s why we are giving away lots of vouchers in all our stores across the country.”

To claim their prize, consumers need to take their winning till slip to the Shoprite store manager, who will issue them with the gift vouchers”.



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