South Korea and food waste

South Korea Recycles Food Waste in Effort to Become Zero-Waste Society

South Koreans are known to have generated more than 130 kilogram of food waste each year.

This is according to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations. 26 Feb 2021.

I t noted that by comparison, per capita,  food waste in Europe and North America is 95 to 115 kilogram a year,

In South Korea, you’re required by law to separate your food waste so it can be collected and recycled.

In less than three decades, the country has reportedly gone from a nation of food wasters to food recyclers.

According to the BBC, It has been a great success story and the recycling rate is now over 95 percent.

So how did South Korea do it? Below is the video by Lulu Luo, Hosu Lee, and Won Jung Bae. Enjoy it and learn something new and unique. Who knows, you could be the change your community, society and your country has been waiting for.

Source – BBC

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