Severe Measures Imposed on Smokers in Paris!

Stricter measures to stop people dropping cigarette butts on the streets of Paris have come into force. A BBC report says smokers caught flicking their stub on the pavement will now face a €68 (£50) fine.
An estimated 350 tonnes of cigarettes are said to be discarded on the streets of Paris each year. This is according to  city officials!

France’s ban on smoking in public places was extended to include bars and restaurants in 2008 since about 28% of people in France are regular smokers, a percentage that is said to be relatively high for the European Union.
Some observers even  say the ban in bars and restaurants has increased littering as smokers are forced outside.

Research has shown that cigarette butts can take years to decompose, during which time they release heavy metals and pollutants and these toxic substances are  said to be harmful to surrounding flora and fauna, and when swept or thrown into gutters they also pollute the water.


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