The 2016 first lady cookie contest!

Well the news is all over the internet!  Hillary Clinton has said that if she is elected president, she won’t have Bill pick out the china. Another thing the former president won’t be doing? Facing off against Melania Trump in the Family Circle First Lady Cookie Contest.

That’s not to say the Clintons aren’t participating in the 24-year-old contest, which opened its public ballot today on the magazine’s Facebook page. But the recipe they submitted isn’t Bill’s — it’s Hillary’s original recipe from 1992, now called the Clinton Family’s Chocolate Chip Cookies.

The contest which no longer focuses on first ladies, will be renamed the Presidential Cookie Poll.

It’s no surprise that the Clinton camp chose to rename and re-submit the recipe, which is permitted in the contest rules. It’s already a winner, beating out Barbara Bush’s chocolate chip cookies in 1992 and Elizabeth Dole’s pecan cookies in 1996.

It will go up against Melania Trump’s sugar cookies with a touch of sour cream, cut out in the shape of stars.

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