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Tiger nut milk is very nutritious and healthy for the body. A combinations of dates,tiger nuts and coconuts as well as ginger will produce a thick healthy liquid that can be taken at time.

For me, I prefer late at night. This is because of its sedative nature.

The first time I tried blending and relishing the tiger nut delight and extracting the milk, I fell asleep immediately I took the milk.

It was amazing. I didn’t wake up until after four hours. This was because someone tapped me and I reluctantly rose from the chair where the effect of the mochas made me to doze off.

As if this was not enough, I fell on the bed and slept off for another seven hours. It was unbelievable. The sedative effect of the tigernut milk makes it a very good option for everyone who wants to enjoy a good peaceful sleep.

Some people will usually ask that why the addition or the use of ginger. It is for flavour and when refrigerated, the taste is always cool.

I discovered that combining tiger-nuts, coconut and dates , as well as some ginger roots will producer a sweet tigernut milk … Lets quickly see the way it is prepared

Recipe for 3 servings

4 cups tigernuts [fresh or dry]

1 large coconut [diced or shredded]

2 cups dates [fresh or dry]

Honey to taste [optional]


  • wash and soak the dates until they are soft.
  • wash and slice, shred or dice  the coconuts.
  • Soak the tiger nuts for some time, and for easy blending.
  • Remove the seed from inside the dates . 

You can add ginger for flavour but its optional. 

Pour all the ingredients into your blender and blend till smooth.

Filter and refrigerate, You can add milk or yoghurt if you like and serve chilled!

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