Tomatoes Palaver in Nigeria and Banga Stew

Tomatoes in Nigeria now has this serious steeze that is affecting every foodie, especially lovers of jollof rice, rice and stew. But thank God for alternatives.

Banga Stew is the first alternative I will suggest. This stew is very common in amongst South Eastern Nigerians as it is popularly referred to as Ofe Akwu,.

Banga stew is a palm nut stew native to the Igbo tribe of Nigeria.

Making this stew can be a bit stressful because it take a whole lot of time to extract the palm oil juice from the palm nuts.

Believe me, this effort is usually worth the stress in the end as the taste of the stew and the nutritional value shows that cooking the stew is worth it after all.

The mainingredients needed for this sumptuous stew are palm nuts or palm nut cream, any meat smoked or dry fish, salt and seasoning to taste and the most important vegetable – scent leaves.

Some foodies however can opt for dried scent leaves, bitter leaves or utazi.

We cannot forget our cameroon pepper, fresh or dry, plenty onions,, Well, crayfish is optional.

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